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Nicolas Cage faces God's wrath in the trailer for 'Left Behind'

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Nicolas Cage will soon be facing the end of the world. Left Behind, a reboot of an adaptation of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' novelization of the book of Revelation, now has a teaser video. It's no Rage, but it's our first look at Cage and One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray as, respectively, pilot Rayford Steele and world-famous journalist Buck Williams. The original series of books, which started in 1995 and wrapped up in 2007, were a cultural phenomenon, popularizing the idea of a Biblical "Rapture" and spawning a 2000 film version starring Kirk Cameron. The trailer hews close to a generic disaster movie template, but hopefully we won't have to wait until the October 3rd release date for the mind-controlling Antichrist, sinister global government, and invincible Biblical prophets.