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Hello, and welcome back to Moviefone

Hello, and welcome back to Moviefone

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While the 777-FILM numbers have gone out of service, Moviefone is not giving up on show business. AOL and Whalerock Industries rolled out an updated Moviefone website today, one that now includes television content. On top of being able to search for episode listings, cast information, and show times, users can check Moviefone to see whether an episode is available on viewing platforms like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, YouTube, and more. Moviefone also provides the costs for each service, HD availability, and a direct link to purchase and start watching new content. Additionally, users can personalize their search results based on their subscriptions to cable and various streaming services.


Moviefone was originally an automated phone service that allowed callers to check movie listings and order tickets. With its redesign, Moviefone might stand a chance at becoming relevant again by offering a mix of services similar to those provided by IMDB and Roku's platform-agnostic search functionalities.