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Mondo will re-release 'Jurassic Park' soundtrack on vinyl next month

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Mondo's Jurassic Park LPs
Mondo's Jurassic Park LPs

This June marks the 21st anniversary of Jurassic Park's theatrical release. To celebrate, masters of movie poster art Mondo will re-release John Williams' classic score on vinyl, complete with original designs for superfans.

"The official logo is iconic, and there’s a gift shop in the park in the movie itself," Mondo creative director Justin Ishmael told Wired. "We thought of this as something that could exist even in that gift shop." The LP will come in two versions: Version A, featuring artwork by JC Richard, will be available in either 180 gram black vinyl or special "Dilophosaurus" colored vinyl; Version B, with artwork by Dan McCarthy, features special 180 gram translucent amber vinyl. Each version will retail for $35, but Mondo plans on only releasing 3,000 copies for the black LPs, 2,000 colored ones, and 1,000 amber records. It'll be up to fans to decide which version they think is the coolest.