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The PS4 is a next-gen camera in 'Infamous: Second Son'

And your TV is the darkroom

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Infamous: Second Son isn't the most original game in the world, but it is a very pretty one that serves as the best demonstration yet of the PlayStation 4's powers. To that end, Sony-owned developer Sucker Punch Productions decided to include an unprecedented photo mode that lets players capture and share moments from Seattle's streets, sweeping vistas, and superhero action.

Photo modes are common in racing games, but Second Son's stands out because of the realistic urban setting. With options for color processing, camera angles, and almost infinite flexibility with depth of field, playing the game feels like a new, virtual form of street photography where raising the viewfinder to the eye is replaced by a click of the L3 button.

The mode streamlines the techniques used by Duncan Harris, aka Dead End Thrills, who captures similar artistic "photographs" within games. It's a feature that comes alive with the PS4 controller's Share button; you can instantly save photos and post them to Facebook and Twitter without needing to deal with complex menus or USB storage. Here's hoping other developers see the same potential from here on out.

We've collected a few of our favorite shots we've taken; please feel free to share your own best efforts in the comments below!