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The Republican Party launches effort to beat Democrats with data

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In 2012, many insiders thought data analysis was the key to victory, and the Democratic Party had a decided edge. Ever since, the Republican side has been trying to catch up, and today they announced their most comprehensive program yet. It's called Victory 365, a new digital outreach program aimed at fostering a relationship with voters year-round, launched just as the 2014 midterm election cycle is kicking into gear.

The app combines basic canvassing apps for data entry with sophisticated analytics tools, predicting voter behavior and giving guidance for how campaigns can best deploy resources in the days and weeks leading up to election day. The move comes nearly a year after the party hired Facebook engineer Andy Barkett to lead their tech initiatives. It's still unclear how well the tools will perform in the field, but according to RNC chief of staff Mike Shields, the tools have held up well so far, even if turf disputes have sometimes gotten in the way. "The RNC data is sound, robust, and getting better," Shields told ABC News this week. "How we share it needs to improve."