It smells like sawdust. I'm in the middle of a residential street just outside of Amsterdam, yet the nostalgic whiff of high-school woodshop is unmistakable. I'm looking for the factory that makes Miniot's expertly crafted wooden iPhone and iPad cases — but there isn't one. Instead, at my destination stands a large but otherwise unremarkable family home, indistinguishable from its neighbors. No signs, just the sweet earthy scent of freshly cut lumber.

I ring the bell. Woof. A dog?

Yes, a dog. And children and cookies, too. Miniot is a family business very unlike the Samsung chaebols and Apple corporations that dominate the technology news cycle. I'm standing at the home of Peter Kolkman and Greet van den Berg, owners of Miniot and papa and mama to Piet, Jet, and Berend. It's also the location where the company designs, cuts, and assembles the tens of thousands of products it ships to more than 70 countries. Here, family and profession blur into a uniquely modern balance of work and play.