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NBC's 'Constantine' TV show gets the green light for full season

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NBC Universal

After ordering up a pilot for Constantine — the TV adaptation of DC's Hellblazer horror comic book series, earlier this year — NBC now plans go ahead with a whole season. Variety reports that the supernatural demon hunter/detective show, which stars Matt Ryan (Layer Cake), Harold Perrineau Jr. (LOST, Zero Dark Thirty), Lucy Griffiths (True Blood), and Charles Halford (The World's Fastest Indian), will come in time for the network's 2014-2015 season. It, along with Gotham from Fox, add to the growing catalog of comic book-based live action dramas. That includes shows like the CW's Arrow, and now semi-spinoff The Flash, along with ABC's Agents of SHIELD. Constantine, which was also a 2005 feature film starring Keanu Reeves, is being executive produced by Daniel Cerone and David Goyer, the latter of whom was a writer on Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.