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Apple hires Nokia's Lumia photography lead

Apple hires Nokia's Lumia photography lead


Ari Partinen co-authored paper on PureView technology

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Apple has hired a senior figure from Nokia's camera division. Lumia photography lead Ari Partinen, whose LinkedIn profile lists a history of working on Nokia cameras from 2007, announced on Twitter that he is making his way to Cupertino in June. Partinen is listed as a co-author on a paper detailing Nokia's PureView oversampling technology alongside head of imaging technologies Juha Alakarhu, senior benchmarking specialist Tero Vuori, and head of imaging Eero Salmelin, all of whom are now with Microsoft following its buyout of Nokia's phone business.

Partinen hasn't revealed what he'll be doing at Apple, but his profile says he has "worked with mobile imaging, starting from camera module production all the way to final image quality tuning and verification" on cameras such as the N8 and 808 PureView. He has also worked as a commercial photographer.

Although Nokia has struggled for marketshare with its Lumia line of Windows Phone devices, it has been lauded for pushing innovative camera technology on flagship models. The Lumia 920 was one of the first phones to feature optical image stabilization, and the 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 use large 41-megapixel sensors and oversampling software to achieve arguably the best image quality yet seen on a phone. Apple, meanwhile, uses less potent hardware in its iPhones, but has built a reputation for excellent cameras because of its image processing abilities.