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Vimeo overhauls iOS app with Mailbox-like controls, 'friendlier vibe'

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Vimeo has just given its iOS app a significant makeover, introducing a more lightweight feel and what the company describes as "a friendlier vibe." The app has been revamped from corner to corner — at least visually — and now almost feels like something you'd expect from Tumblr. Perhaps Mailbox is a better example, as the main feed now contains swipe gestures that will quickly remind users of Dropbox's email app. Depending on how far you swipe each video, you'll trigger actions like sharing, saving clips to your Watch Later list, and so on.

Everything's based around a new home screen that splits the Vimeo experience up into four categories. The first shows only your own videos, with two other sections devoted to your Watch Later queue and clips from other users that you've liked. And finally there's the Feed, which is where you'll find the latest staff picks and can search for any video on the site. Vimeo is also going for a more social feel, with "more personalized" profiles and an easy way to discover which videos are getting likes from the people you follow. The company says its now easier to share, like, and comment on videos than ever before.