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FCC chairman sounds like a broken record in response to tech coalition's net neutrality concerns

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Earlier this week, many of the biggest technology companies on the planet sent a letter to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler arguing strongly in favor of an open internet, something that the commission claims it wants to protect despite a potentially disastrous proposal scheduled for consideration next week. Now, Wheeler has issued a direct response, saying "my commitment to protect and preserve the open internet remains steadfast." Wheeler's letter, published by The Washington Post, also reaffirms his plan to "use every power at our disposal" to keep the internet from being divided "between the 'haves' and 'have nots.'"

Of course, this is the same rhetoric that Wheeler has been espousing despite the concerns from corporations, politicians, and even other FCC commissioners. Earlier today, 10 US senators called for Wheeler to remove the controversial "fast lane" provision in the upcoming net neutrality proposal, the same concern that led companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook to pen their official complaint earlier this week. The proposal officially comes up for review next Thursday, May 15th.