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Twitter improves security while bailing out users with password problems

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Twitter has changed the way users regain access to its service if they've lost or forgotten passwords, as well as introduced a new system that will keep an eye out for suspicious login behaviors. Today, the company said users can add both a phone number and email address that will be alerted when password reset requests are made. If you've misplaced your password, or just need a new one, you can start the process off from either of those options both through and its Android and iOS apps. The second new security effort tracks location, login history, and what device you're using to weed out potentially suspicious login activity. If it finds something fishy, the company says it will alert users through their registered email address.

The changes come nearly a year after Twitter rolled out two-step verification, a security method that adds an extra layer of security on top of passwords. Users who implement it get a six-digit code sent to their registered mobile device by SMS in order to continue their login to the site. The feature was highly sought after by news organizations, several of which managed to get hacked.