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This man's job is to keep Snowden's NSA documents safe

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High-stakes reporting like the Pulitzer Prize-winning NSA exclusives by Glenn Greenwald and others requires a great deal of security. Sources have to be protected at all costs, and valuable, classified documents like those leaked by Edward Snowden need to be kept out of the wrong hands. For First Look Media — the news organization behind publication The Intercept and led by Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and Laura Poitras — digital security is one man's job. Micah Lee traveled to Greenwald's home in Brazil to secure his computer, and he's set up redundant encryption protocols to ensure that files and sources are kept safe. On top of it all, he uses his technology expertise to help reporters decode some of the more technical material in leaked NSA documents. It's a big and incredibly important job — be sure to read the full profile on Lee over at Mashable.