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MOG streaming music service shut down

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MOG is officially gone. The service was once one of the largest streaming music options available, behind competitors like Spotify and Rdio, but yesterday the site was shut down for good. MOG was purchased by HTC-owned Beats Electronics in 2012 for $14 million, and the streaming music service's technology was used to build Beats Music. Of course, MOG is now owned by Apple after the company acquired Beats for $3 billion last week. The service was originally set to go offline on April 15th, but that date slipped back to May 31st.

Visitors to MOG's website are now encouraged to sign up for Beats Music, and current subscribers are offered 60 days free. Year-long subscriptions have been refunded on a prorated basis. MOG made a name for itself with its multi-platform availability and higher-quality streaming music than many of its competitors. It also offered some unique features, like radio stations based on favorite artists that could be tweaked using a slider to be more or less adventurous. In February 2012, executives said the service had some 500,000 total active users (including both free and premium subscriptions) compared to the three million paying Spotify had at the time. Spotify recently announced that it has 10 million paying subscribers and 40 million active users.