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Hacker jailed for revealing George W. Bush’s bizarre bathroom art

Hacker jailed for revealing George W. Bush’s bizarre bathroom art


Four years behind bars for email hacking

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A hacker who revealed George W. Bush’s bizarre experiments with art has been sentenced to four years in jail. Marcel Lazar Lehel, a former cab driver from Romania, was known under the alias "Guccifer," and rose to fame last year after he hacked into the former US President Bush’s AOL email account. Guccifer managed to snag photos, private emails, security codes, and information on George H.W. Bush's declining health, but Bush’s awkward bathroom self-portraits made the headlines.

The two unfinished paintings showed Bush in a bathroom with a view of his toes and the other painted from over his shoulder looking into a mirror. Guccifer’s antics may have embarrassed George W. Bush, but the former president decided to showcase more than two dozen portraits in April, along with artifacts and photos from his presidency. Guccifer didn’t just target Bush though: a long list of alleged victims include government and military officials, journalists, diplomats, academics, and even Hillary Clinton's email exchanges after the Benghazi attack. Guccifer used a variety of ways to gain access to email accounts, but one popular method allowed him to guess security answers using publicly available information.