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A new 'Doom' is coming, and it has demons with guns

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Doom is returning at long last, and its developer has just released a first look at it. The teaser promises a return to its hellish, sci-fi landscapes, but this time, filled with beasts that have been fused with high-tech weaponry. It sounds absurd, evil, and appropriately creepy, and it looks as though the game will be just as nightmarish of a shooter as Doom 3, which was released a full decade ago. The new Doom has supposedly had a prolonged and troubled development, and this is the first we're seeing of what's come out of that.

The game's publisher, Bethesda, previously announced that there would be a beta for the new Doom in the future. It didn't say what the beta will be composed of, however, or when it'll take place. The beta will be available on the PC, the Xbox One and 360, and the PlayStation 3 and 4, so it seems fairly safe to assume that the game will hit all of those platforms after its release. Otherwise, Bethesda promises that it'll give Doom a proper unveiling at this year's QuakeCon, which begins July 17th.