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Retro platformer 'VVVVVV' is coming to iOS on June 12th, Android version to follow

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Developer Terry Cavanagh's beloved retro-platformer VVVVVV will make the jump to the touch screen with a launch on iOS this Thursday, June 12. Cavanagh confirmed the release to Polygon today, saying that he submitted the game to the App Store in late May; he also noted that the touch controls for iOS are "super responsive." This release comes some six months after Cavanagh said he would expand the game to a number of new platforms including iOS, Android, PS Vita, and Ouya.

The latter three are still on track for releases later this year and will follow the original, flash-based game that launched back in 2010; a Nintendo 3DS version followed in 2012. That same year, Cavanagh launched a port of Don't Look Back on iOS, considering the release a "trial run" for the eventual port of VVVVVV to iOS and Android. There's no word on how much, if anything, VVVVVV will cost when it arrives in the App Store later this week.