Johann Sebastian Joust is the most fun you can have with a PlayStation 4 right now, but it doesn’t have online multiplayer. It doesn’t have 1080p graphics. It doesn’t really have any graphics, in fact. It’s a game that uses your body and your physical space to create an experience like nothing else. It’s the best possible ambassador for a surprising revivalist trend in video games where friends actually play together in the same environment.

JS Joust is part of Sportsfriends, a new compilation that proves multiplayer video games don’t have to be about sitting alone in a dark room with a headset on. In JS Joust, each player is equipped with a motion controller — ideally a PlayStation Move, though regular PS3 or PS4 pads work too — and there is but one rule: don’t move your controller faster than the undulating rhythms of the Bach concertos playing in the background. Games often play out like tag in slow motion, with opponents scrambling over sofas and under tables in an attempt to knock each other out while keeping their own controller steady. You’ll find yourself stopping at nothing to win, whether you allow underhand tactics or subscribe to gentlemanly rules. It’s a hilarious, life-affirming experience that I can’t imagine anyone in the world not enjoying. And it’s all because it’s about bringing people together.