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Pebble Steel coming to Best Buy for $229, but only with a leather strap

Pebble Steel coming to Best Buy for $229, but only with a leather strap

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The Pebble Steel will be available from Best Buy stores in the US starting this Sunday, the retailer announced today. If you're ordering online, you don't even need to wait that long and can purchase one right now. It's priced at $229 and comes in the same stainless steel and black matte color options offered at Pebble's website. But there is one key difference; if you're buying from Best Buy, you can only get it with a leather wrist strap. Buying directly from the company gets you both metal and leather straps, though at a higher cost of $249.

The Pebble Steel is a classier, more premium version of the Kickstarter sensation that shipped to consumers last year. Best Buy began selling the original version in July, and apparently the experiment was successful enough to earn the Steel a spot on store shelves. The first Pebble has tallied over 500 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars. With Android Wear not yet on the market, the Pebble remains our general recommendation for a smartwatch. And now there's an app store to make using it a bit easier, which dad should appreciate if you're buying one as a last minute Father's Day gift. Best Buy will continue to sell the original Pebble, and it's even adding another color (white) this late in the game. What, were you expecting blue?