If you were to ask the average American consumer to name a company that makes smartphones, chances are they would say Apple or Samsung. Perhaps a few will mention LG, HTC, or Motorola. But it’s very likely that they wouldn’t say Huawei, the massive Chinese electronics company. Though Huawei has sold smartphones in the US for years, they’ve always been carrier-branded, and as a result, the company has remained far from a household name. For many, Huawei is best known as a foreign company that the US government has long suspected of being a security threat.

Despite this brand unawareness in the US, Huawei is ranked as the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, right behind Samsung and Apple. It shipped a staggering 48.8 million phones in 2013, putting more well-known brands such as HTC and Motorola to shame. Now the company is launching its first real effort at building its brand in America, and it’s starting with the Ascend Mate2.