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The most amazing iPhone photos of the year

IPPAWARDS prove the best camera can be in your pocket

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Julio Lucas
Julio Lucas
Julio Lucas

Other phone cameras may have bigger sensors or more megapixels, but the iPhone's combination of reliable image processing, speedy performance, and vast selection of editing apps have made it the choice of countless photographers — and it's a big reason why This Is My Next considers the iPhone 5S the best smartphone to buy. There's no better illustration of this than the annual iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS), and the winners for 2014 have just been announced.

The photo you see above is from Julio Lucas, who was named IPPAWARDS Photographer of the Year. It was taken at Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina. "I generally try to stay away from using filters in my iPhone pictures," says Lucas, noting that the iPhone's image processing often results in "bold, beautiful" colors. "I want my photos to take on a more traditional form and grant the capture moment to tell the story rather then a manipulation of the moment by the use of too many filters."

Each IPPAWARDS entry can only have been shot and edited on an iOS device — no Photoshop post-processing allowed. We've selected our favourite shots from each of the award categories, but make sure to see the full lineup at the IPPAWARDS site.

IPPAWARDS 2014 winners


Russian photographer Elena Grimailo won the Landscape category. "Despite the fact that I've been taking photos all my life, I'd never participated in any competitions," she says. "I haven't posted my pics much either, because I didn't find them interesting enough. I guess the iPhone helped to change my mind."

All photos courtesy of IPPAWARDS.