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    Top Shelf: Good Vibrations

    Top Shelf: Good Vibrations


    Technology is changing music — and not just the way we listen to it

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    For hundreds of years musicians have searched for the next sound, the next evolution that could change everything. In this week's episode of Top Shelf, Michael Shane explores the interplay of technology and music — how traditional musicianship can be enhanced by modern breakthroughs. And more importantly, how many Rush references can we make?

    This summer, Top Shelf is back and better than ever. We're taking deep looks at the technology we see and don't see, the technology we watch and the technology that watches us. The way we eat and drink, the way we play, the way we work, the way we get around — it's different today than it was yesterday, and it's probably going to change again tomorrow. We'll be here, working through what it all means, and figuring out what's next.

    Special thanks to Martin Yee, Jordan Rudess, Roli, and Stadiumred. Be sure to check out last week's debut, Top Shelf: I, Spy.