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'Angry Birds Epic' RPG now available for free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

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Rovio's latest Angry Birds entry puts its famous characters into a cartoonish, fantasy RPG, and it's releasing the game to the world today as a free-to-play title. Angry Birds Epic is available on iOSAndroidand Windows Phone, and it looks like a fun and easy way to start getting into RPG gameplay without things becoming too complicated. Though this is Rovio's first RPG, it's done a good job in the past in translating popular genres for mobile. That said, its last big attempt at this — the kart racer Angry Birds Go — also put profits before fun, crippling its gameplay with in-app purchases. Epic offers in-app purchases too, though it looks like it'll only be for buying new items, so they may not get in the way too much.