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This gnarly aquatic hoverboard defies the laws of shredding

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About three years ago, French jet ski champion Franky Zapata made a splash with the Flyboard, a small platform attached to a nearby personal watercraft that flies you high above the water, and at high speeds. Videos of groups of people frolicking in and out of the water like dolphins went viral immediately, and the product's helped create a "Flyboard World Cup," and other exhibition events. Now Zapata is back with the Hoverboard, a model that ditches two water nozzle design in place of a single stream that goes shooting out of the back, and will get you going up to 23 miles per hour. The riders are also mounted to the board as if it were a wakeboard — just without the boat; the technology uses the water exhaust from a jet ski instead. The Hoverboard goes on sale later this month, and is available for preorder as a conversion from the Flyboard model for $2,675, or as a full kit for $5,850.