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Breastfeeding photos are now safe for Facebook

Breastfeeding photos are now safe for Facebook


The social network reverses its stance on the controversial issue

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Karlesha Thurman and many others are trying to change the public perception of breastfeeding. (BuzzFeed)

Facebook, which has often removed breastfeeding photos posted to the site at users' requests, has reversed its controversial stance. As of three weeks ago, it seems, Facebook now supports the posting of breastfeeding photos, as it affirms on its Help page:

"Does Facebook allow photos of mothers breastfeeding? Yes. We agree that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and we're glad to know that it's important for mothers to share their experiences with others on Facebook."

A Facebook spokesman has confirmed the company's new stance to The Verge. With its new statement, Facebook also offers a disclaimer, however subtly noted in the language of its help page. "The vast majority of these photos are compliant with our policies," says Facebook, which means that some photos which offer more sexualized or more explicit nudity are still subject to being taken down. "Please note that the photos we review are almost exclusively brought to our attention by other Facebook members who complain about them being shared on Facebook," the company added.

The change was first picked up by The Independent, which tracked down a parenting blogger with thousands of followers who tested Facebook's new policy. The blogger posted a photo of her breastfeeding her infant daughter. Facebook actually took down the blogger's page, but later reinstated it, and apologized for the transgression. Facebook's move means that the increasingly popular #FreeTheNipple campaign, which hopes to normalize the perception of breastfeeding and limit female censorship in the media and society, has won its latest battle. But the war is from from over: FreeTheNipple and other organizations hope to one day make breastfeeding in public and walking around topless (regardless of gender) nothing out of the ordinary.