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'Magic: The Gathering' movie grabs writer from 'Game of Thrones'

'Magic: The Gathering' movie grabs writer from 'Game of Thrones'

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Fox plans on turning the seminal trading-card game Magic: The Gathering into a movie, and it's brought on one of the writers behind Game of Thrones to create a script for it. According to Deadline, series writer Bryan Cogman will be scripting the movie, which will have decades worth of fantasy characters and story lines to mine through.

An appealing combination

Cogman's name may not be immediately familiar, but if you're a fan, he's likely written some episodes that you've loved, such as this season's "The Laws of Gods and Men," which had Tyrion Lannister up on trial. Cogman's been around since the very first season of the Game of Thrones. Though he isn't one of its primary writers, he's been present each season, including for two episodes of Season 4.

Though work has started on Magic, an actual film is still a ways out. This is only a first draft, there's no director attached, and there's no sign that Fox is rushing to get this on screen. Still, a fantasy movie from a Game of Thrones writer is an obviously appealing prospect. The only other details for now is that Simon Kinberg, who's written and produced several X-Men movies, is on board to produce.