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Why did the 'Ghostbusters' music video feature so many random cameos?

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Nearly as iconic as the Ghostbusters film itself was its theme song — written by Ray Parker, Jr., its refrain of "who you gonna call?" is a catch phrase endlessly repeated now, 30 years after the movie made its debut. The song came along with a music video that could only be a product of its time — stuffed with seemingly random cameos, a ghostly neon set, and scenes of the Ghostbusters dancing in Times Square, the music video is a master class in mid-1980s camp.

ScreenCrush has put together an in-depth look at how the bizarre and hilarious music video came to be, with particular attention paid to how the team behind it managed to get cameos from stars like Chevy Chase, Jeffery Tambor, Al Franken, and John Candy to make their appearances (lots of favors were called in). For more, including details on how the video itself was almost lost forever (it's now widely available on YouTube), read the full story over at ScreenCrush.