We love TV and we love recaps, but a lot of times it’s not the big-picture plot developments that make a show great. It’s the little things; the details in the dialogue, set design, props, and performance. With Close Up, we’ll be taking a look at the coolest moments and most interesting details in some of our favorite shows. Today we’re looking at the third episode of Halt and Catch Fire: “High Plains Hardware.”

Last week IBM went after Cardiff Electric where it hurts: revenue. After losing most of its customers to Big Blue, Cardiff needs to cut overhead, and the episode starts with Gordon laying off an array of different employees. It’s not just awkward; it also creates a manpower problem. Joe’s big vision is to build a “portable” computer, but several top engineers have been let go and the team is scrambling. Meanwhile, on the business side everyone’s trying to find additional funding: Joe through a venture capitalist, and Nathan Cardiff and Bosworth from a rich socialite. Both sides manage to foil the other’s attempts (Joe through much more manipulative means than the others), but the end result is the same: with no money, Joe proposes that Cardiff create a prototype on their own dime, and then go out to investors when they have something to show.

Gordon’s wife Donna demonstrates her engineering prowess by solving what everyone else at the office seems to think is an unsolvable circuit-board design problem, but even then Gordon needs to get into a car accident before he has the guts to push away the naysayers and embrace the bold ideas his wife is generating. Meanwhile, Cameron continues to struggle, unable to find a groove and start cranking on the code that is at the very core of the PC clone project itself. She’s crashing at the office, unravelling at every turn, and partying with some local punks doesn’t help. Once again, she looks to Joe — or more specifically, sleeping with Joe — to clear her head and get things moving again.