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Xbox controllers can control games in your browser with new IE developer edition

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Microsoft is launching a developer version of Internet Explorer today, designed to supply developers and enthusiasts with the latest browser features. The Internet Explorer Developer Channel can be installed on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and the separate browser will run alongside an existing version of Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft has been gradually improving its Internet Explorer developer focus over the past several years, and today’s release is "the first of many," and the beginning of a new dedicated release that will allow developers to test the latest features that will be rolling out to Internet Explorer users in future.

One new addition is support for Xbox controllers inside Internet Explorer with the Developer Channel release. Developers can use the Gamepad API to add support for Xbox 360 controllers to their web apps and games. Microsoft has its Atari Arcade or Hover games for those who want to test out the support today. On the game sides, the Developer Channel version also improves WebGL performance, while also pushing additional WebGL features for developers to make use of. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Developer Channel is available to download immediately (Windows 7Windows 8.1), and future versions will continue to showcase new features that are under development.