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'The Powerpuff Girls' will return to television in 2016

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The Powerpuff Girls
The Powerpuff Girls
Cartoon Network / IMDb

More than a decade after the end of its original run, The Powerpuff Girls will return to Cartoon Network with a brand new series in 2016. According to The Wrap, the announcement was made at the 2014 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas by chief content officer Rob Sorcher. Though fans should be excited, details on the production are currently thin and there's no word yet on whether or not original showrunner Craig McCracken will return.

The Powerpuff Girls originally debuted on Cartoon Network in 1998, and, alongside the likes of Dexter's Laboratory, went on to garner critical acclaim and a massive cult following. By the time it ended in 2005, the show successfully blended tropes found in American superhero storytelling, science fiction, and pop culture satire to appeal to its audience, earning two Primetime Emmys in the process. Such was its popularity that the series was revived earlier this year in a CGI special guest-starring former Beatle Ringo Starr as a new character. That episode, however, received mostly mixed to positive reviews, so it's still uncertain if the new series will capture the sharpness from the original.