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Google launches 'Glass at Work' program with five partners making apps for business

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Many of Google Glass' brightest success stories have come from the workplace, and Google seems to realize that may be the best location for it to forge ahead. Earlier this year Google said that it was opening up a program called Glass at Work, which would certify companies to make business or professional apps for Glass, and today it's announcing the first five partners. The initial companies are APX Labs, Augmedix, CrowdOptic, GuidiGo, and Wearable Intelligence, which have varied focuses covering areas of healthcare, live broadcasting, and manufacturing, among others.

Though these cover some of the less exciting and ambitious ideas around Glass, it may be a smart course for Google to take. Stories of Glass helping out in surgeries and medical schools, for instance, have brought a lot of positive attention to the device, whereas the headset is far from a success and is often mocked among consumers. Now that Google's named its first partners, you may start seeing a "Glass Certified" logo on partner companies' websites. Google doesn't say to what extent it'll be vetting these apps or working with these companies, but it should still help point out some of the better uses for Glass — further orienting the device as a useful companion for the workplace.