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Steve Martin denies involvement in gay marriage-centric 'Father of the Bride 3'

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Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Touchstone Pictures / IMDb

A third installment for the Father of the Bride series is reportedly on the way, though Steve Martin has denied any involvement at this stage. This time out, though, the focus will be on gay marriage. reports that George Banks will have to contend with his 29-year-old son Matty getting ready to marry the son of a US Navy SEAL. Hijinks, as in the original 1991 film, will ensue.

Warner Bros., however, hasn't yet confirmed the movie is being made. Original director Charles Shyer has reportedly been tapped to direct. Kieran Culkin, who played Matty in the series first two outings, hasn't stated he'll reprise his role. However, the new film promises to be timely, wholly original update to the series. The first films were both loose remakes of two movies made in the 1950s.

Update 5:23pm ET: Steve Martin took to Twitter this afternoon to deny any involvement with the film.