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FiftyThree teases Paper update that makes Pencil even more precise

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An update coming this fall to FiftyThree's Paper app for iPad will make the company's Pencil stylus feel more realistic than ever. Timed with the launch of iOS 8, the next version of Paper will enable Pencil to make more precise marks and erases, and even let you shade using the side of the stylus' V-shaped tip.

Pencil is still our favorite iPad stylus to date, but has faced increased competition from other powered styli like the Jot Script and the excellent stylus that ships with Microsoft's Surface tablet. Additionally, FiftyThree's commitment to drawing line width based on your speed (not on your pressure)  still polarizes some users. However, FiftyThree's even-handedness when it comes to adding features still makes the app / stylus combo a standout amongst the competition for drawing and sketching. As you might expect, FiftyThree put out a tantalizing video to tease the new features. Check it out below: