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Nest Protect smoke detector returns from recall with a lower price

Nest Protect smoke detector returns from recall with a lower price


$99 but the wave-to-silence feature is still disabled

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Nest Labs’ Protect smoke detector is returning to store shelves two months after the company halted sales due to safety concerns. New Nest Protect devices will now be sold for $99, a more than 20 percent cut from the original $130 pricing, and will not include the Nest Wave feature that led to the recall in April. Nest found that its Wave feature, that allows homeowners to wave at the Protect to turn off its alarm, could be unintentionally activated. Around 440,000 devices were affected, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates.

While Nest hasn’t fixed the problem yet, all Protect smoke detectors that have already been sold were automatically updated to deactivate the feature in April if they were connected to the internet. Nest originally said that addressing the issue and reactivating the feature could take two to three months, including approval from regulatory agencies in the US, Canada, and UK ahead of an update. Even without the Wave feature, the Nest Protect offers smart features like voice-activation, the ability to communicate with a Nest Thermostat to enable an auto-away feature, and phone alerts for smoke or carbon monoxide even if you’re away from home.