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Watch OK Go's trippy new music video for 'The Writing's On the Wall'

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Seriously where do those stairs go?

OK Go has a niche. Like their music or don't (spoiler: I don't), you can't deny the incredible ingenuity of the band's music videos. It's been committed to the form for years, churning out YouTube hit after YouTube hit on the back of bizarre, complicated, difficult videos. There was the treadmill video. And the Rube Goldberg machine. And the one with all the dogs. And now, for the band's new song, "The Writing's On the Wall" off the upcoming album Hungry Ghosts, comes an incredible four-minute, one-take video full of optical illusions, crazy camera tricks, and one giant warehouse.

It doesn't hurt that "The Writing's on the Wall" is a half-decent song, too. But you'll forget the song long before you'll stop watching the video. And then watching it again because what is that mirror even doing there and how is that even possible?