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Domino's made its own Siri for when you're too lazy to call for pizza

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Using Kinect to order pizza is so last year — soon you'll be able to grab a pie with a Siri-like virtual assistant. Domino's has just announced that it's launching a beta for a new voice-ordering tool for its mobile apps, which should make the process of getting a pizza even lazier. Nicknamed "Dom," the assistant is able to recognize "natural speech patterns" so that you can tell it that you want to order a pizza and it will respond by asking you what kind. Domino's says that the service "delivers a human-like, conversational customer service experience," that should speed up the ordering process compared to dealing with an actual human.

To build Dom, Domino's partnered with Nuance, the speech technology company behind Siri, which Samsung is reportedly looking to acquire. It may just be a way to get your pizza faster and easier, but the chain has surprisingly high expectations for what Dom means for the future of fast food — currently mobile and online orders make up around 40 percent of all Domino's sales in the US. "Our mobile app users who are a part of this launch are truly helping set the foundation for the innovations of today," says Domino's president and CEO Patrick Doyle, "that will soon enough become the standards of tomorrow." You can check out the beta now through both the Domino's iPhone and Android apps.