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'ArnoldC' lets you program your ass to Mars with Schwarzenegger's famous catchphrases

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The programming language no one asked for and everyone will want

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian-tinged voice — in all of its majestic, symphonic varieties — is practically a language in itself. But alas, only the great one can mangle his vocal cords in the correct way to produce it. The next best thing: a programming language, built around Arnold's trademark catchphrases.

ArnoldC is based on the muscle man's greatest one-liners, with standard programming commands swapped for his most iconic words. DeclareMethod, for example, becomes LISTEN TO ME VERY CAREFULLY; the stale AssignVariableFromMethodCall becomes the much more colorful GET YOUR ASS TO MARS. The result is poetry that happens to also be fully functional code.

The language is available for download on GitHub.