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Snapchat launching collaborative photo and video sharing at EDM festival this weekend

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Last fall, Snapchat added perhaps its biggest new feature to date — the "My Story" interface let users share multiple snaps with all of their friends in a feed that didn't disappear immediately. Since launching, Stories have focused on what a single user shares, but Snapchat is expanding that feature a bit today with a new, collaborative "Our Story" feature.

Anyone attending the Electric Daisy Carnival (an electronic music festival taking place in Las Vegas this weekend) will be able to add picture or video snaps to a special "Our EDC Story" section of the app. Once people start participating, the Our EDC Story will function like any other Story, except that instead of snaps from a single user it'll be a feed of content from everyone sharing to it. In some ways, the Story could end up as a de-facto live stream of the entire event — though it'll certainly be more disjointed than the professional streaming video that comes out of festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo.

For those not attending the festival, Snapchat users can add EDCLive to their friends list and see the ongoing live story throughout the weekend, though Snapchat noted that it might start curating the feed if it gets too long (or if people start posting illegal content). For now, this is the only place where the new collaborative "Our Story" feature will be available, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Snapchat roll it out more widely at other live events, or perhaps even sponsored events, sometime soon.