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Pokémon Master is probably the easiest job to land at Google

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But it's also unpaid — the company sent custom business cards to the winners of its April Fools' Day challenge

Reddit / tinygrump

For its annual April Fools' Day prank, Google released a faux advertisement for an augmented reality version of Pokémon, along with an accompanying Google Maps game. Players zoomed in to discover Pokémon on the map, and a few caught 'em all. Little did they know, in addition to being nerd royalty for a day, they also got a job at Google.

The people who took the time to track down all 150 Pokémon — and to give Google an address — have started to receive custom Google business cards that read "Pokémon Master." The business cards are accompanied by a letter from Google Maps software engineer Tatsuo Nomura praising the recipient, but saying, "While we don't currently have a Pokémon Master role, we hope you enjoyed our April Fool's Prank. Wynaut [a Pokémon pun] have a little fun once a year?" However, you'll notice the careful hedging in the phrase "we don't currently have." Google definitely has such a position, so keep applying — no degree required.