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Here are all the new emoji coming to your fingertips soon

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The Unicode Consortium

A veritable tidal wave of new emoji are headed to the world as part of a newly-updated list from Unicode, the industry standard group, and now there's an easy way to see all of them in one place. The Unicode Consortium has published a new chart that shows what's new and what's not, highlighting the 240 new characters that are headed to computers and mobile devices. That list includes things like the Reversed Hand With Middle Finger, Black Skull And Crossbones, and the imminently relevant to 2014 Telephone On Top Of Modem.

These and others are headed as part of version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard, an update that adds 2,834 new characters to version 6.3, which was released last September. Emoji make up only a small part of that, with Unicode adding new currency symbols for Russia and Azerbaijani, along with historic scripts across multiple languages. However much of the interest centers on the tiny symbols, which have become widely-used in place of text to convey quick messages on mobile devices and social media, two places where new additions like Dagger Knife and Man In Business Suit Levitating are sorely needed.