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Teenage Engineering's expensive and beautiful OD-11 speaker will finally launch on July 18th

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Teenage Engineering's OD-11 wireless speaker system was one of the most interesting products we saw at CES 2013— but unfortunately, the product was delayed from its original summer 2013 launch. The OD-11 was available for pre-order last fall, but there was still no solid timeframe for launch, until now: Teenage Engineering has announced that it'll be available as of July 18th.

Just as we saw last year, the OD-11 is based off of the iconic Stig Carlsson speaker design from 1974, but engineered with a built-in 100-watt amplifier and wireless technology so you can seamlessly stream music to it. When we first got a look at the speaker, the software side of things hadn't been fully baked, but now we know that the OD-11 will support both Spotify Connect (assuming you are a premium subscriber) as well as Apple's AirPlay technology. The company also made a point to note that more cloud-based music will be added over time, though the company does have some pretty big bases covered for starters.

As before, users will be able to pair up to four OD-11 speakers together wirelessly throughout the home; in fact, you'll need a pair if you want to experience stereo sound. Teenage Engineering is also offering up an iOS app called Orthoplay to let users control their speakers — it's a simple app that mimics the functionality of the Bluetooth-based Ortho remote (which does't come included with the spekers). There's no question that the company is going for a pretty niche market — the speaker is priced at $899, with the Ortho remote costing an additional $99. However, if you're interested in buying a pair of speakers, you can save a little cash and pick up two for $1,699 total.