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Twitter acquires clip-sharing startup SnappyTV to bolster video ambitions

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Twitter wants to be your perfect companion while watching television, and it said today that it's acquiring the service SnappyTV to push that even further. You probably aren't familiar with SnappyTV, but it can be quite useful for broadcasters: the service allows them to cut video out of a live broadcast immediately after it airs and then quickly share it onto various social networks, Twitter included. That means companies can quickly tweet out highlights of sports matches or breaking news, bringing attention to their network and allowing existing viewers to share moments that they've just seen.

Twitter also has a service that allows companies to easily place short ads in front of these video clips, so getting broadcasters using SnappyTV is also another way for it to monetize. Twitter says that it'll begin to integrate SnappyTV "more tightly" with the Twitter team itself, but it also says that the service won't lose its ability to share out to other platforms, which currently include Facebook and YouTube.