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Bill Nye is getting closer to rebooting 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'

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But he isn't quite there just yet

Last we heard, Bill Nye, of 1990s program Bill Nye the Science Guy fame, was teasing a reboot of his show. But there were conditions: "it would have to be with the right producers, and it would have to be a less unfavorable contract." Now, in some good news for fans, that reboot may be inching a little closer to reality.

When asked about the show's status in an interview with Engadget, Nye said, "People talk about it all the time; I'm going to a meeting tomorrow. We'll see if that works out." He does have the rights to Bill Nye the Science Guy, he told the site, but added that when the show aired "was a special time," and now, with science shows popping up regularly on the web, there's more competition than ever. "Now there are millions, just literally millions of competitors. Certainly tens of thousands."