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Dell updates its Android tablets with new displays and lots of accessories

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Dell today announced updated versions of its Venue 7 and Venue 8 Android tablets. The 8-inch tablet has been upgraded with a 1920 x 1200 pixel display, while Dell says that the 1280 x 800 pixel screen on the 7-inch model offers improved viewing angles and better outdoor visibility. Both tablets feature Intel Atom processors, with the Venue 8 using a faster chip. Both also have 16GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, with 5-megapixel rear cameras and 1- (Venue 7) or 2-megapixel (Venue 8) front cameras. Dell says that both tablets run Android 4.4 KitKat and will be available in Wi-Fi-only or LTE versions.

In addition to the upgraded tablets, Dell is also introducing a few accessories, including a wireless charging cradle for the Venue 8. A Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth keyboard, and a couple of case designs are in the mix, as well. Dell is offering the tablets in either red or black. The Venue 7 will be available starting on July 1st for $159.99 for a Wi-Fi-only model, while the Venue 8 will be available the same day for $199.99.

Venue7_3_560 Dell Venue 7 (2014)