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Apple introduces new Photos app for iOS with shared editing across all devices

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Apple has just announced some changes to the way iOS handles photos that will hopefully make things a lot more convenient for users. iOS 8 will come with a new Photos app that lets users access every photo they've taken across all of their various devices. It's not just the images themselves either; the new app will also share edit parameters, so you can tweak an image on your iPhone, then dive into the same photo on your iPad, and revert and tweak those same changes — with the two syncing in real time.

Unfortunately, this type of broad storage isn't going to come free of charge. Photos will count against the iCloud storage limit for users. The first 5GB will still be free, while users can upgrade to 20GB for 99 cents per month, or 200GB for $3.99 per month. Tiers will also be available that offer up to a terabyte of storage.

Given the new "Continuity" features Apple has been showing off this morning, this would seem like a natural match for iOS and Mac integration, but unfortunately it's going to be just on iOS for now. Apple did announce that it was working on a brand new photo solution for the desktop, but it won't be shipping until early 2015.