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Leaked OS X images might be first glimpse of the Mac's future

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With a new Control Center and revamped Dock, it's looking closer to iOS than ever

We're but a few hours away from Apple's WWDC-opening keynote where Tim Cook and company will reveal the latest updates and upgrades to their products. Potentially preempting one of those announcements, however, is a set of images depicting a number of novelties that will apparently be introduced in OS X 10.10. The pictures come from a now-deleted Reddit account, however MacRumors has done some digging behind the scenes and says that "the evidence we have seen privately is enough for us to consider it a distinct possibility" that these images are genuine.

Spotlight search looks set for an overdue revamp

What they show are revamps to the Notification Center, Dock, and Spotlight search, the addition of an iOS-like Control Center, and a subtly different Safari browser. None of it is necessarily revolutionary, though the overhaul of Spotlight seems to closely resemble our favorite productivity app on the Mac, Alfred.

Apple has already put up the banners teasing iOS 8 and the new OS X. The trajectory of its recent upgrades has been to continually bring the two closer together and today's news seems likely to keep that momentum going.