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'Star Wars: Episode VII' leaked photos show real sets and a huge creature

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Here's some good news out of the Star Wars sets in Abu Dhabi: director J.J. Abrams and crew have made a lot of actual, real, physical buildings and creatures, meaning the new film could end up looking a lot more like the Star Wars you know and love and not the CGI-heavy prequels that you may still be trying to forget about. A huge series of photos from the set leaked to TMZ this morning, and they show off a giant creature — which is supposedly controlled by five people inside of it — as well plenty of Tatooine costumes and a ramshackle marketplace. It's the biggest leak yet from the extremely secretive set, and even though there are no big details, the fact that there's a lot to see out there is a very good sign. Head over to TMZ to see the full gallery of 45 photos.

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