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The FDA has a running Flickr photo gallery of recalled products

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What's worse than a suppository? One that's been recalled by the FDA

US Food and Drug Administration

You can find a Flickr account for just about anything, from boudoir photoshoots, to lavish sneaker collections. And as it turns out, there's also a gallery run by the US Food and Drug Administration that posts nothing but photos of things that might kill you. Spotted by Popular Science, the account catalogs a portion of (but not all) products that have been recalled by the FDA. That runs the gamut from waffles to male performance enhancement drugs, all of which you can see in photo form. Each shot also comes with information of when the recall was issued, and a link to the FDA's release.

The account is, by no means, a substitution for proper recall reports from the FDA, which are issued as soon as safety problems are made public. Those recalls and safety alerts also often come with photos, making this more of an unusual way to explore the world of dangerous products. The FDA kept a similar album going last year, which posted 830 photos of recalled products.