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EA counters Steam summer sale with free 'Titanfall' offer

EA counters Steam summer sale with free 'Titanfall' offer


PC gamers given 48 hours to play Respawn's stompy shooter

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The latest of Steam's much-loved summer sales only went live a few hours ago, but digital download competitor Origin has already hit back with its own riposte. The EA-run service is offering you two days in which to play the recently released Titanfall for free, with a new scheme it calls "Game Time." Players will be able to download the PC version of the mech-heavy first-person shooter this weekend for no charge. The first time they play the game it'll start a 48-hour timer, at the end of which access will be revoked.

EA make it clear that players have access to the full game during this time, and their progress is saved in both multiplayer and singleplayer modes, should they choose to stump up the price for the full game. The scheme, the publisher says, will be the first of many Game Time promotions. EA has offered many of its games for free through Origin in recent months, but the service's offers will have some way to go before they engender the kind of awe from PC gamers that Steam's summer sales have done in the past.