I switch back and forth between an iPhone 5S and a Nexus 5 and notice almost no real difference. Am I missing something here?


For the past couple years I've owned the 3 last Nexus devices: the Galaxy, the 4 and the 5. Each one got better than the last. Before that, I had a various smattering of iPhones, Blackberries, Sony Ericsson devices, Nokias. But, being the finicky bugger that I am, the other day I randomly decided to buy an iPhone 5S.

Takes a bit of getting used to the smaller screen & keyboard again, but after a couple hours, picking up the Nexus makes it feel big. Spending another few hours with the Nexus means the iPhone feels small, and on and on.

I can pop the nano SIM for the iPhone into a micro SIM adapter and put it back in the Nexus, and suddenly I'm back in the Android world. I sync my contacts on both phones with my Google account so both phones stay up to date. If I add a contact on either, it gets updated on the other within the hour. It's true, SMS and photos and etc. can't be synced between the two, but that's not much of a bother. How often are you looking for essential information in old texts? Not that often. Email? Synced between both devices, of course.

The realization I've come to is that both are nice phones. Both have common issues (ie. poor battery life), but both have very subtle strengths & weaknesses; but in reality, Apple's best and Android's best (I'm sure this is debatable, I'm just going with the Nexus 5 because while it's not the highest end phone it's certainly fairly high end and has stock Android) are really more similar than they are dissimilar. I can use either happily and really wouldn't notice much of a difference. I'd miss the build quality of the iPhone but then miss the bigger screen of the Nexus. I'd miss how smooth normal operation is on the iPhone (in terms of touch screen response) but then miss the way Android handles notifications and how the overall interface is a bit more intuitive. In any instance there's a tiny bit of give and take on both ends and overall they probably just average out to being "Holy shit, both of these phones are preetty damn good and basically do everything I need them to do within reason."

With iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 coming out, really the two platforms differ so, so little. They are alike in user experience nearly 90% of the way, and any reasonably tech-savvy person (most of us these days) is going to use either completely happily and have little reason to switch besides pure boredom. Unless Google pulls some crazy shit out of its ass in I/O, I don't think much is going to change.

TL;DR: The platform war is over. Everything is beige.