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Magical school bus starts selling weed lunches

Washington food truck offers legal sandwiches that get you high

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A food truck claiming to be the world's first to (openly) sell marijuana-infused meals will start plying its wares next weekend in Washington state. Food company MagicalButter's "Samich" truck will be travelling the highways and backroads of the Pacific Northwest, delivering both munchies and the munchies to customers keen to purchase weed-imbued snacks.

In doing so, the former school bus turned food truck becomes one of the few centralized places people will be able to buy recreational cannabis in the state. Washington voted to legalize the sale of marijuana in 2012, but the state has delayed the process of issuing licences for growers and processors twice, meaning fixed retail storefronts offering recreational pot are yet to open. According to Vox, the growers, and stores that will make up Washington's weed industry are ready to get the industry going, but the Samich truck looks like it'll get the jump on most of them.

The truck is apparently named for a tortured acronym — MagicalButter says SAMICH apparently stands for "Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness" — but it also describes much of its menu. Red-eyed customers will be able to choose between a set of sandwiches, including a Vietnamese-style pork creation, and something ominously referred to as "Danks-giving."

Also on the menu is ganja-permeated truffle popcorn. The company promises that its food items are each packed with between 30 and 100 milligrams of THC, cannabis' main psychoactive element, an amount considered by medical marijuana site Medical Jane to constitute a daily dose. Those who do hand over the green for their weed-filled food will also earn a discount on MagicalButter's MB2 botanical extractor. The device can pull nutrients from plants into butters, oils, and tinctures, allowing customers to make their own dope-flavored food. Assuming they're not too stoned to operate it.

The Samich truck will make its first appearance in the city of Everett on June 28th. It's open 11 AM until 7 PM local time, but expect the line to be longest at 4.20.

Marijuana-infused food in the Samich truck


Geryn Angel, MagicalButter's CEO, says he hopes to have trucks in other cities such as San Diego, Tampa, and Toronto. He also wants to create an app that will let customers know when the truck is rolling nearby.